Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

The architectural re-design of large shopping centers in the southeast United States has merged the “All in One Stop” concept with an old-town look of restaurants and cafes with patios and busy foot traffic. In a city where the downtown area is still showing scars of abandonment and neglect after the flight to the suburbs, urban enclaves like Atlantic Station and growing suburbs like Dunwoody have been shaped to provide brief moments of urban opulence.

On top of the stairs, coming out from the Perimeter Center Mall’s main building, we can see part of an “Urban Outfitters” store sign. If we walk to the right, we pass by Maggiano’s, a restaurant built to look like a plush Italian villa. If we walk to left, and continue all the way to the end of a row of crape myrtles, we see the Cheesecake Factory restaurant which, like Maggiano, offers a patio with Italian inspired architecture.

Stairs with Courtyard

Stairs with courtyard. Pentax MX, SMC Pentax 50/1.4, Fuji Superia X-Tra 400. Enhanced with Image > Auto Tone, Auto Contrast in PS CS5.

Cheesecake Factory Entrance

Cheesecake Factory entrance. Pentax MX, Vivitar 50/1.7, Lomography Rescale 400. Enhanced contrast in PS CS5.