“One Lovely Blog Award” Nomination by Nina Koydl

One Lovely Blog AwardI was very pleased to receive my first blog award by Nina Koydl early this week. Please visit her blog at Nina Koydl Photography where you will enjoy the color palette and the sense of composition with which she shares details of the small things in wonderful places.

To accept the award and spread the favor to others, these are the steps to follow :
Step 1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
Thank you Nina for sharing pictures of your beautiful country with the WordPress community, and thank you for nominating me.

Step 2. Share seven things about yourself.
I. – I lived on four continents and speak fluently 3 languages.
II. – I love to grill and typically use a mix of charcoal and wood. No gas.
III. – Contributing to my love of photography is my constant desire to be outside.
IV. I love the Boeing 707, the most beautiful airliner ever built.
V. – My favorite seasons are spring and summer.
VI. – As most of you already noticed, I have been doing exclusively film photography lately. My previous experience with film dated from 30 years ago and I’m glad to return to it.
VII. – I try as much as possible not to edit my photos in order to share the particular quality of the film that was used.

Step 3. Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers.
In no particular order I wish to nominate:
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