So Sweet Blog Award

So Sweet Blog Award
I was pleased and honored to be included among a few nominations for the So Sweet Blog Award by the author of Food and Other Stuff. It is a cool blog with pictures that will make you travel to interesting places.

The rules for accepting this award is to nominate blogs that have less than 200 followers. I can’t assert the number of followers a WordPress blog has but I can at least assert that the ones I am nominating are small blogs with personal tone and style. Further more, my selection of blogs for the So Sweet Blog Award is based on the value of the personal exchange I’ve had with other bloggers that contribute to a sense of community among photo bloggers. The first nomination on top of the list is for my daughter Nathalie.

Walking in My Worn Shoes
Shimmering Grains
Enjoy Life to the Full
God Guides Me
Gabriel I Photography
Past the Mission

P.S. The number of blogs you nominate is up to you.