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Writing The Great American Novel

This typewriter was own by Margaret Mitchell who wrote only one book but a very famous one, Gone With The Wind.

Inside the Loews Hotel

While walking on a quiet street at dusk alongside the Loews Hotel, I became captivated by the colorful lights and lively scene displayed through the large windows of the hotel’s lounge.

Verizon Street Art

A few weeks ago, two workers from the Verizon Communications company captured my interest. They were marking lines on a street that was already saturated with all sorts of lines painted by a… Continue reading

Carroll Street Café

The Carroll Street Café in the small neighborhood of Cabbagetown attracts both local residents from the neighborhood and visitors from other corners of Atlanta.

Traditional and Modern Skyscrapers

The One Ninety One Peachtree Tower on the left and the Georgia Pacific building on the right, in downtown Atlanta.

The Tabor Building

I was in the middle of taking this picture in Sweet Auburn when somebody at the door of the Tabor Building called me. It was Tim Franzen, well known activist in Atlanta, who… Continue reading

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights in downtown Atlanta are regularly maintained with fresh coats of paint and to add to this impression of a well maintained infrastructure, bright yellow is made to be the dominant color.

Park Here

This sign is obviously designed to leave no ambiguity whatsoever as to where the entrance of the parking lot is. Behind the sign is the Two Peachtree Street Building. The name of the… Continue reading

Bulldog in Winn Park Pond

This rugged bulldog seemed to be particularly sensitive to the charms of Winn Park’s beautiful gardens. This park, with many other parks, is located in the Ansley Park Historic District, which is a… Continue reading

Butterfly in Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park has many colorful flowers that are a joy to the eye and to butterflies. This flower seems happy to have been able to provide this Monarch with what it needed.

Dragon Con 2012

These are a few pictures, but just a few, from the Dragon Con event that took place at the end of August in Atlanta. I can’t elaborate much on this because despite spending… Continue reading

Downtown Buildings

Downtown buildings — the old and the new — seen from the corner of Fairlie and Poplar.