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Pro-Gun Rally at the Georgia Capitol

Pentax Spotmatic, Helios-44M-4 2/58, Expired Kodak Gold 100. Unedited.

Back in 3 Weeks

Unfortunately, certain obligations are currently making it impossible for me to spend the amount of time I deem necessary to create interesting pictures on a regular basis. I plan on coming back in… Continue reading

Under the Bridge

in downtown Atlanta.

Georgia Railroad Freight Depot

Inside the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot. The railroad doesn’t exist anymore; and the terminal is out of operation but well preserved. Each number corresponds to what was a freight entrance.

Job Ad

If you hate your job, you might not hate it as much working at Victory Brands.

Guinness is Good for You

Decatur is one of Atlanta’s little villages as I like to describe these well preserved, vibrant neighborhoods where cafes, pubs and restaurants are at walking distance from where people live. This pool room… Continue reading

Red Car

Red car on portion of highway I-85 going underneath CSX and MARTA rail tracks.

Castleberry Hill

Most of these pictures were taken at the Castleberry Hill Square where the Besharat Art Gallery is located. Castleberry Hill is at walking distance from downtown and is appreciated for its architectural heritage.… Continue reading

Little White Cloud

Small puffy cloud moving in a bright blue sky over the Georgia State Capitol.

Sweet Auburn Bricks

Old bricks, strong walls.

Unprocessed Fuji Velvia Pictures

These pictures were shot with no battery and left untouched, with no Photoshop editing. While I had no light meter and no photo editor, I had a very unique lens and a wonderful… Continue reading

Double Exposure

This double-exposure with two MARTA train pictures shot from slightly different angles was purely accidental. I like how it draws attention to the tracks. Pentax Spotmatic, Helios 58mm f2, Fuji Velvia 50.