BNSF Locomotive

BNSF locomotive in downtown Atlanta. Also seen on the second picture, are the locomotive, a public transit train (MARTA), and a car on I-20.

Praktica BC1, Praktica MC Pentacon 50/1.8, Ilford HP5 Plus 400. Unedited.

BNSF Locomotive (medium size)

Rail - Light Rail - Highway (medium size)

The following picture is the same than the first one, except that it was scanned at 8 Bits instead of 24 Bits. Using Plustek 8200i, I scanned the first picture with the 48->24 Bits color mode and the third one with the 16->8 Bits color mode. I normally tend to chose the first setting because I feel that the 8 Bits mode might be a way to force the scanner to only see a limited range of grey tones. Which of the two settings re-produces the real black and white emulsion from by the film? I’m still exploring this question.

BNSF Locomotive - 8 Bit scan (medium size)